US Army Recruiting Battalion Phoenix @ Diamond Days

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Future Soldiers take Oath of Enlistment at Chase Field

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LTC Clukey adminstering the oath as 30,000 fans watched these young men and women promise to defend our nation

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Future Soldiers preparing to go on the field

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LTC Clukey leads the way!

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A group selfie with LTC Clukey!

On April 9, 2017, USO Arizona partnered with the US Army Recruiting Battalion Phoenix, Fry’s Food Stores, and the Arizona Diamondbacks to host 50 Future Soldiers taking the Oath of Enlistment on Chase Field, just before the Arizona Diamondbacks took on the Cleveland Indians. As the Future Soldiers’ loved ones and 30,000 appreciative fans watched, these young men and women swore to protect our great nation. Lt. Col. David Clukey, Battalion Commander, administered the oath.

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