Operation: Baby Shower Phoenix

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What's a shower without cake?

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Susan and Eileen, two USO Arizona volunteers, setting up for the shower.

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Arizona Cardinals' Big Red, helping moms with the first baby shower game

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The winners of the first game with their prize, diapers and wipes!

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Our second game of the day? Team up with your neighbor and make a dress out of diapers!

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Our diaper dress fashion show!

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A delicious BBQ lunch!

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Moms meeting Cardinals Tight End, Ifeanyi Momah

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Moms meeting Cardinals Tight End, Ifeanyi Momah

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Big Red with Kwaku, who helped us with everything from setting up to tearing down

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Moms choosing their door prizes

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When your daddy is working on base, he gets to come help load up the car with gifts!

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Each mom left with a gift bag of goodies and swaddle blankets.

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The Cardinals crew and the USO Arizona volunteers who made the event possible.

On June 10, 2017, USO Arizona partnered with the Arizona Cardinals to host a baby shower for 70 expectant moms, all of whom are either in the military or married to member of the armed forces.

With over $10,000 awarded in prizes and gifts, each expectant mother not only got to know other ladies experiencing pregnancy and military life, but left the shower with goodies for their bundle of joy. The moms played shower games with the Cardinals’ Big Red, got to know a couple of the cheerleaders and even met Cardinals Tight End, Ifeanyi Momah.

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